Cold Jet launches Aero V; the new Dry Ice Blast Cleaning System
The new single-hose Aero V electric dry ice blast cleaning system promises affordable, compact powerful cleaning.
Cold Jet, LLC’s unit is a compact, lightweight variable feed system which uses a patented aerodynamic rotor to deliver pulse-free dry ice blasting performance. Additionally, the latest unit benefits from an aluminium frame, easily removed panels, a stainless steel hopper with vibrator to ensure reliable feed, and a 360˚ turning radius for ease of manoeuvrability.
Gene Cooke, CEO of Cold Jet, commented, $quot;Our compact and affordable Aero V delivers the same reliable performance and patented variable feed that is found in our entire Aero Series. Our thousands of customers around the world will attest, our systems are built to last, and we have designed the Aero V to be easily maintained, as well as lightweight and maneuverable for convenient use for a variety of cleaning projects.$quot;