Cold Jet® has launched of the E160 Pelletizer, a highly efficient dry ice extruder that has minimal space requirements and is designed to manufacture 3mm-16mm dry ice pellets and nuggets on demand.

The E160 Pelletizer provides the best output to footprint ratio in dry ice production and has the lowest maintenance cost and lowest energy consumption.

“The E160 Pelletizer is easy to operate, can go to full production in less than three minutes and requires only half of the normal space needed by similar dry ice production equipment on the market today,” said Wim Eeckelaers, Senior Vice President, Global Dry Ice Manufacturing, Cold Jet.

In addition to its compact footprint, the fully automatic E160 Pelletizer produces up to 160kg (352lbs) per hour of consistent, high density dry ice pellets or nuggets on demand; has the highest liquid to solid conversion rate; is simple to operate - either as a standalone machine or when integrated into an automated dry ice cleaning or surface preparation system; has a closed, stainless steel frame; can be operated from cylinders, dewars or storage tanks of liquid CO2; and has multiple industrial voltage ports, enabling global installations. Cold Jet once again sets a new industry standard for dry ice production with the E160 Pelletizer.

Cold Jet’s dry ice production equipment produces consistent, high density dry ice for transportation and blasting and has been engineered to extrude the highest density dry ice available.  Due to our proprietary knowledge of dry ice, Cold Jet’s process creates a longer shelf life, better transportability and offers better blasting performance.  Cold Jet pelletizers are also fully automated with one-button operation and are made to UL, USDA, FDA and CE standards.