Cold Jet, a leading dry ice equipment manufacturer, has launched a new fully automated, dry ice pelletiser which the company claims is “changing the game in dry ice production.”

The PR120H supplies up to 120kg of dry ice pellets on demand and has been designed to cater specifically to regional and low volume dry ice producers.

The pelletiser is made with Cold Jet’s innovative closed chamber technology, meaning its stainless steel enclosure creates a moisture-free environment. The new machine starts up in just three minutes and boasts low noise levels of 75 a-weighted decibels (dbA).

The latest machine provides the most efficient liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) consumption to dry ice output ratio thanks to the incorporation of its heat exchanger. As a result, the PR120H helps to reduce CO2 waste, making this pelletiser the most productive low volume pelletiser on the market, according to the company.

This new product is representative of our combined company’s game-changing collaboration and innovation capabilities

It also contains an integrated panel PC with a built-in touch-screen, enabling remote diagnostics and support from anywhere with an internet connection.

Wim Eeckelaers, Senior Vice-President of Global Dry Ice Manufacturing at Cold Jet, explained, “The PR120H Pelletiser is an affordable option for our end users who are partnering with gas companies. With the lowest ownership and maintenance costs, low volume dry ice production has never been more accessible.”

United on the cold front

The beginning of the year saw arguably the biggest merger in recent history within the dry ice sector, with Cold Jet acquiring fellow US-based dry ice experts, IceTech, back in January 2016.

Christian Rogers, Vice-President of Global Marketing and Strategy at Cold Jet, emphasised, “The IceTech PR120H marks the first commercial launch of a new product since Cold Jet’s acquisition of IceTech. This new product is representative of our combined company’s game-changing collaboration and innovation capabilities.”

A press release stated that the new device is “equipped with unique features that are changing the game in dry ice production.”

Cold jet pelletiser pr120 h cropped

PR120H Pelletiser