US-based dry ice technology specialist Cold Jet has expanded the global presence of its dry ice solutions following the signing of a letter of intent to acquire the dry ice product line of Aquila Triventek (Triventek).

In addition to taking on Triventek’s employees, partners and customers, the deal will see Cold Jet adding the company’s small volume pelletisers and CO2 recovery units to its portfolio.  

“This acquisition, at its core, will integrate dry ice technologies, innovations and staff from Triventek with the Cold Jet family and product portfolio,” commented Eugene Cooke, President & CEO, Cold Jet.  

According to Cold Jet, the CO2 recovery units are an ideal pairing for its dry ice production systems.  

Cold Jet's CO2 recovery system

Cold Jet’s CO2 recovery system

Source: Cold Jet

By integrating Triventek’s technology, Cold Jet will enable its customers to effectively double the output of dry ice with the same input volume of liquid CO2, increasing efficiency and lowering carbon emissions from the production process.  

“Triventek’s advanced CO2 recovery systems made this opportunity especially unique in our effort to build a more sustainable carbon footprint for dry ice production,” said Dennis Hjort, Senior Vice President, Global DIMS & IBS, Cold Jet.  

The acquisition will allow the Ohio-based company to expand its international operations across markets including Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Scandinavia, Japan, and Australia.

CO2 recovery and shortages

By expanding its CO2 recovery operations, Cold Jet could aid in reducing the impact of CO2 shortages, which have plagued industry across the US and Europe over the past several months.

The recovery of CO2 can remove the need to purchase CO2 from already-strained external suppliers, reducing reliance on an increasingly volatile market.

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