Technology from dry ice innovator Cold Jet is enabling safe transportation of vital medicine, laboratory tests and biomedical specimens during the coronavirus outbreak.

The critical medical supplies and specimens are being kept at the appropriate temperature throughout the shipment process, thanks for Cold Jet’s dry ice production machinery.

The last mile delivery of perishable goods, such as necessary food supplies and home delivery of groceries, is also a challenge as they need to be properly and safely kept at the appropriate temperatures.

Dry ice continues to be the most effective cooling medium for last mile deliveries. It offers consistent cooling, is safe for the consumer and worker, and is environmentally friendly.

Cold Jet’s customers are producing dry ice on-site, which enables them to generate the exact amount of dry ice needed, when they need it.

Cold Jet’s dry ice blasting equipment has also become an effective solution for medical device manufacturers seeking to ramp up production in response to coronavirus (Covid-19).

Dry ice blasting safely and thoroughly cleans the complex cavities and vents of medical molds, as well as quickly removes burrs and flash from finished medical parts – enabling the consistent production of high-quality products.

“The process is being used in the production of respiratory masks and nebulizers, MRI equipment, rubber plugs used in collection tubes, and face masks,” Cold Jet explained to gasworld.

“The non-abrasive process will not damage molds or tooling and allows for cleaning to be performed while equipment is still hot and online, which enables more frequent and effective cleaning.”

“This significantly reduces downtime, replacement tooling costs, and product scrap rates while increasing quality output.”