Safety and survey equipment manufacturer, Coltraco Ultrasonics, has launched its newest device – an industry first innovation for the UK-based business.

As the first system of its kind, The PortasteeleTM Calculator eliminates the need for manual cylinder weighing by converting the liquid level contents of fire suppression agents into a weight/mass reading.

By converting the liquid level height of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other liquefied gaseous readings, the new instrument is able to calculate precise masses and weights of the agent inside the cylinders and caters mathematically for temperature variations.

Portasteele calculator coltraco

The device eradicates traditional dismantling procedures and instead is based upon a stand-alone tablet computer which allows calculations to be made in real time. As such, the Portasteele Calculator saves frequently used cylinder sizes and settings and can export collected testing data.

According to the company, “The Portasteele Calculator comes as part of Coltraco Ultrasonics’ commitment to design and manufacture the most advanced portable, semi-fixed and continuous monitoring and diagnostic systems technology on sea and land.”

This latest product from Coltraco recently earned a finalist spot in the 2016 Seatrade Maritime Asia Safety Award, as when the Portasteele Calculator is combined with the company’s PortalevelTM Max Marine, ship owners are fully compliant with IMO SLAS FSS safety codes.