Praxair Inc. has signed joint marketing agreements with the Atmosphere Engineering Company and Super Systems Inc. in order to combine the core competencies of each company into a superior comprehensive solution for heat-treat customers.

Under the agreements, heat-treat customers will have access to a simplified market channel which integrates Praxair’s gases, applications technologies and supply systems with process controllers and data acquisition software from Super Systems, and precise furnace control panel systems from Atmosphere Engineering.

The combined capabilities of Praxair, Atmosphere Engineering and Super Systems cover a broad spectrum of batch and continuous heat-treating processes such as carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening, annealing, gas quenching and heat treatment under vacuum.
“New standards for the automotive and aerospace industries are pushing the heat-treat market in the direction of more precise data-driven furnace operations,” said Steve Hope, Praxair’s Marketing Director for Metals and Materials Processing, North American Industrial Gases.

“This team approach and combined expertise in gases, equipment and linking technology will better enable commercial heat-treaters to meet high-quality product standards in their furnace operations,” he added.

Eric Jossart, Vice President of Sales for Atmosphere Engineering, affirmed, “This arrangement with Praxair will help us to build on our global presence while providing our customers with the best solutions to meet their heat-treating requirements.”

“We are excited about the formal marketing agreement with Praxair since it is always our goal to provide our customers with world class support and complete solutions. We feel our unique expertise together provides a greater benefit to our customers,” said Steve Thompson, President of Super Systems.