An announcement has revealed that Air Products has entered into a 3 year, multi-million dollar hosting contract with UK communications company AT&T, transferring its own data centre in the south of England to AT&T’s Internet Data Centre to ensure a secure and robust infrastructure for further expansion plans.

Under the terms of the agreement, the communications holding company will be hosing a number of business applications, including components of Air Products’ global SAP® landscape, systems to support the European health care business and messaging for the European region.

Virgil Palmer, director for Global IT Sourcing Management Office at Air Products, explained, “The data centre hosts a number of our critical business applications, which are used across our operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and AT&T’s infrastructure and proven capabilities make it the perfect choice to match our requirements.”

AT&T has provided Air Products with a global Internet Protocol-based VPN (Virtual Private Network) since 2005 and this deal is seen as further evidence of the US industrial gases company’s commitment to business expansion and growth investments.

The contract follows the successful implementation of a similar project in Singapore, where Air Products migrated to AT&T’s facility in Singapore because of physical constraints at its own facilities. In addition to hosting services, the contract will also provide an International Private Lane Circuit to the company’s data centre in the US.