Cryogenic Industries new MOFS system, designed to fill high-pressure gas cylinders in a safe, reliable and cost effective liquid-to-gas supply system, is now available to the market and able to provide both a secure and efficient delivery.

The compact MOFS package utilizes a submersed liquid to gas pump, with a 5 horsepower electric motor drive that sends liquid into the vaporizer and out to the cylinder manifold, or other supply application. The unit is capable of delivering oxygen, nitrogen or argon up to 1.5 gpm at 2500 psi.

The system also includes a vaporizer, start/stop panel, and vacuum pump in its compact frame. MOFS can be used with liquid cylinders, Microbulk or customer station liquid product supplies and is perfect for filling Medical D/E cylinders and argon or nitrogen cylinders for small fill plant applications. The unique system saves cost by reducing cylinder transportation and cylinder inventories in remote geographic locations.