Air Products and Danieli Corus are helping steel producers to reduce operating costs whilst saving the environment.
Blast Furnace (BF Plus) is the new offering from the integrated companies offering steel producers a solution to these priorities.

BF Plus, a patent-pending technology reduces blast furnace operating costs while raising the calorific content of the furnace’s top gas. The higher calorific value top gas can be used in combined cycle energy power generation to maximise energy recovery.

Consequently, it offers savings in the range of $20 per tonne of hot metal, while aiding hot metal productivity. In addition, the unit promises to optimize power generation through integration with the blast furnace and decreasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Joe Terrible, Senior Business Development Manager at Air Products, commented, “BF Plus has the potential to benefit steel producers globally. The technology offers a way to increase the value of the top gas, and then take that gas and use it to create electrical power and steam.”

He continued, “These two energy products, made from what was generally regarded as a waste, can then be used at the steel producer’s site to cut down on energy costs, or even provided to the grid in the case of the electrical energy.”

Peter Zonneveld, Managing Director at Danieli Corus, agreed, “The future of integrated steel plants will be influenced by a continuous drive to reduce capital and operational expenditures. …Combining iron-making and modern power generation provides significant advantages as the blast furnace is effectively a large and highly efficient coal gasifier.”
Danieli Corus notes that the technology may be implemented in existing facilities as well as new greenfield locations.