The Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI), the Berlin-based non-profit organisation which conducts research on renewable energies and implementation strategies, is seeking out companies aiming to integrate the application of hydrogen (H2) in their business process, for its latest ecoPtG project.

This could concern the supply of gas stations, passenger and commercial vehicle fleets, logistics hubs, trains, ships, and industrial processes as well as the use of H2 for energy storage. For these cases, real scenarios are sought for which RLI will then generate feasibility studies.

Project Manager Oliver Arnhold, head of the research field Mobility with Renewable Energy at RLI, explained, “Our aim, from the point of view of energy research, is to find the optimal combination of H2 production and use it in order to draw conclusions regarding the economic and ecological advantages of this technology.”

“Naturally, we are especially interested in integrating real-life industry issues in the research project. In return for participation in the study, companies will receive a scientific evaluation of the use of H2 in their business process,” Arnhold continued.

In the ecoPtG project, RLI together with IAV GmbH, Wasserelektrolyse Hydrotechnik GmbH, and the ZSW is developing a modular low-cost electrolysis system with support from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.