Siemens, traditionally associated with the electronics and communications industries by many, is rapidly emerging as a key supplier for power and compression solutions to the LNG industry, signified by a €50m order from Chart Energy & Chemicals Inc. for 4 motor-driven main refrigerant compressors for 4 liquefaction trains to be installed at an LNG plant in Indonesia.

Siemens will supply 4, 27 megawatt (MW) electric-motor-driven in-line centrifugal compressors along with a Siemens Robicon frequency converter to be used for motor start-up.

Furthermore, the company will also supply 2 65MW gas turbines and generators to the plant owner, Energy World Corporation (EWC) – one unit to support the grid and the other to deliver power to the LNG plant.

The orders are considered as significant for Siemens as they represent the first application of the company’s compressors in the main liquefaction trains of an LNG plant.

Ray Kannefass, vice president oil & gas at Siemens AG, commented, “With its unique portfolio and competences, Siemens is the only company that can offer one-stop solutions from power to compression. As electric LNG applications become more and more attractive, we are expecting a rapidly growing market for this innovative technology.”

“With our standardisation products for the mid-size LNG market we can also offer the most cost-effective solutions to our customers,” added Kannefass.

The 4, 500,000 tpy liquefactions trains will provide LNG to meet the growing demand in south east Asia, primarily in Indonesia and the Philippines, with the first 2 trains scheduled to come on-stream in the second quarter of 2009.