In addition to being specialised in machining and assembly, RBDH Chaponnay, based in France, has been providing bimettalic transition joints since 1978.

Formerly named Thevenet and Clerjounie (T+C) and affiliated to RBDH Group, the second French subcontractor, RBDH Chaponnay is considered one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel and aluminium transition joints in the gases market.

Bi-metal transition joints were developed in 1978 in collaboration with AEC (Atomic Energy Commission). Now, 36 years later, RBDH is the first choice of many main industrial gas industries. Transition joints are especially well-suited for ASUs and heat exchangers for their aluminium and stainless steel fittings.

TC-CEA transition joints combine a diffusion bond interface with a mechanical locking design which generates either good mechanical feature or excellent tightness performance, regarded by RBDH as the best fitting solution between stainless steel and aluminium. The company’s products are for use in various applications, including cryogenics, LNG, petrochemicals industry, hydrocarbona, aerospace, aeronautics, plasma, nuclear, automotive, medical, and vacuum.

Both materials are machined and prepared in accordance with a set of specific procedures (ASTM/EN/AD2000) and hot pressed to create a reliable leak-proof seal. Naturally, to be in compliance with customer requirements, the process is qualified according to ASME construction codes. For requests related to specific installation directive, RBDH’s joints have a full feature of certifications (PED for European use, CRN for Canadian use, Lloyd’s/ABS/DNV for marine applications) and the company is already working under the close inspection of TUV. RBDH currently has a full catalogue of joints in sizes from 8mm to 1200mm (1/4” to 48”).

The company’s Transition Business Unit is at the entire disposal of its customers and, thanks to its pluridisciplinary team and good geographic situation, RBDH offers a complete supply chain solution to fulfill client’s needs from studies and development, to delivery direct at the plant.

RBDH – The best fitting solution – December 2014


A multi-lingual team and its experience on the international scene allows RBDH to be present in many important markets, including the US, China, India and Europe. As a further step in its strategy, the company is now establishing itself in several new markets including Russia, Brazil, Middle East and Africa by developing collaboration with clients and agents in these regions.

Thanks to a strategy based on operational excellence and technological innovation, RBDH also aims to set-up the main tools involved in ‘Lean Manufacturing’ philosophy quickly and successfully and in 2013 launched a large project for an improved production process using lean tools.

Further still, the company’s management has decided to increase its assets and investments to support its development, and recently renewed its range of machines. Karim Kaci, Transition Joint Business Unit Manager, explained, “This project helped us to reach an unprecedented level of quality service. Our customer service rate is 98% for the last two years! We reduced lead time from 10 weeks to five weeks.”

Such efforts and improvements has seen major industry players like Air Products, Air Liquide, Hangzhou Hangyang or Chart use RBDH as a key partner for their projects.


Never a company to rest on its laurels, RBDH Chaponnay continually refines its products and develops new products for client-specific applications. Project Engineer LIU Lei, said, “We are currently collaborating with a German automotive constructer to design a multiple aluminium-stainless steel fitting for hydrogen motors, for example. The fitting has high pressure resistance and a good security margin.”

Kaci concludes, “RBDH Chaponnay is ready to assist companies with their needs on transition joints and share our strong experience and know-how.”


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