Fuel cell systems developer HydroGen Corporation has announced the completion of its commercial demonstration phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) power plant.

The designer and manufacturer of multi-megawatt, air-cooled PAFC systems, HydroGen began the pre-commissioning activities of its full-scale 400 kw plant at Ashta Chemicals Inc.'s chlor-alkali plant in Ohio.

The presentation plant will utilise by-product hydrogen gas produced by the chlor-alkali plant to generate electric power, water and heat for the chlor-alkali plant's use.

Furthermore, HydroGen announced the successful completion and testing of a newly manufactured 2.5 kw stack, which fully validates the company's production processes and methods.

Dr. Leo Blomen, chairman and CEO of HydroGen Corporation, said, $quot;The commercial demonstration PAFC power plant at Ashta Chemicals Inc. will enable us to showcase our technology in an industrial setting representing a key target market segment for the Company. Our field team has designed and built a world-class plant.$quot;