Computers Unlimited has announced three new TIMS mobile products at the software development company’s 31st annual Industrial Users Group Conference.

Announced by President David Schaer, the TIMS Assistant, designed to mobilise sales efforts, provides real-time access to essential customer and prospect information, real time inventory price and availability inquiries, plus the ability to create orders and accept mobile payments out in the field. TIMS Electronic Delivery, designed for delivery drivers, combines advanced routing logistics, asset pricing and tracking, and mobile payments in a single application. TIMS Warehouse is a new suite of specialised mobile apps designed for use in the warehouse beginning with cylinder control activities.

Schaer commented, “In an increasingly competitive market, our customers’ business models can no longer remain static. These new mobile apps run on IOS and Android smart mobile devices and will help our customers reduce operational costs while increasing the quality of work performance.”

He added, “Our goal remains the same as it was when we started, to develop integrated software solutions that meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.”

Computers Unlimited/TIMS Software provides integrated software solutions for gas & welding supply distributers. By delivering an integrated all-in-one software solution for this specific sector, technological development meets the exacting industry needs enabling customers to run more efficiently to gain a competitive edge in the markets they serve.

Headquartered in Billings, Montana, Computers Unlimited maintains one of the largest software development staffs in the state. Of the 200 employees, 85% are directly involved in development, customer support and project management.