Montana-based Computers Unlimited, developers of TIMS Software, has released a new application to complement its existing ERP software product, which provides the means to streamline and unify all bulk gas operations.

TIMS Bulk Gas Manager, is fully integrated with the core TIMS system. Bulk Gas Manager streamlines the processes of bulk gas tank installations, forecasting, ordering, scheduling, delivery, billing, and payment processing.

Bulk Gas Manager has now been expanded to include the management of argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, as well as propane.

TIMS collaborates with telemetry partners to offer integration of real-time telemetry readings with TIMS Bulk Gas Manager to help optimise deliveries using forecasting refill requirements, scheduling efficiencies, and effective delivery routing.

To date, TIMS has partnered with DataOnline, Wise Telemetry, KnowGas and GasLog.