Responding to trends and customised demands, as one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of gas products.

As specialists in systems and equipment controlling gas pressure and flow, CONCOA is headquartered in the US and has locations in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Founded in 1987 with the purchase of BOC’s major equipment manufacturing plant in Virginia Beach, the company focuses on the vision of its founders – the growing need for equipment outside of the metalworking industry.

Today, CONCOA provides a broad line of systems and equipment for industrial, medical, laser, and specialty gas applications in a myriad of industries, from biotech to pharmaceutical, environmental, power generation, and beyond.

The company is unique in several ways. With its resilient heritage, CONCOA has a wealth of people on board who have extensive background in the gases business and know firsthand how molecules work.

Additionally, the company spends what it describes as a ‘disproportionate’ amount of revenues on R&D, the driver of its growth.

Manufacturing is specialised, utilising the small-scale, start-to-finish Asian model and capital equipment normally found in the watch-making industry.

Combining these seemingly disparate elements allows for quality and precision, the ability to utilise advanced automation to design and manufacture unique, varied products, as well as provide for inventory control and significant customer satisfaction.

The company maintains a strategic philosophy that includes the introduction of innovative products and processes to satisfy low-cost and high-level precision objectives.

The formula serves the company well as it discerns needs for products worldwide, and global customers look for a single source to provide solutions to their many subsidiaries.

Because CONCOA is flexible, it can provide diverse products designed to meet local requirements, important to the major players in need of products modified for different locales.

Many products are designed with cost-efficiency and economy in mind, from simple flowmeter regulators to complex electronic devices such as the IntelliSwitch II used for gas management.

Newer designs have sophisticated diagnostics on board and can be monitored remotely via the Internet.

Additionally, flexible design allows for cost-efficient mass-customisation, while modular systems requiring fewer joints therefore provide greater efficiency.

Responding to trends
The trend today is toward process management to accommodate people wanting ever-greater control over what is happening in their gas delivery systems.

Movement is underway for CONCOA products to be more user-friendly, as systems become larger and more complex. Filtration and pressure regulation components are integrated into single systems, and there is a change from analogue/electro-mechanical to digital/electronic devices.

Alarms, for example, which used to have trigger wires, now have digital pressure transducers monitoring pressure at all points to produce greater efficiency.

Industry changes appear to be working in CONCOA’s favour too. The company is ideally positioned to respond to consolidations taking place at both producer and distributor levels.

A large independent organisation without public stockholders, the company clearly has its sights set on the future.

With a conservative management style on the financial side and a pro-active approach to new products, the company is unencumbered and can do what is ultimately best for customers, employees, the community, and the environment.