Gas pressure and flow control technologies specialist CONCOA has introduced a series of laser installation kits that are designed to improve the performance of laser gas systems.

The laser installation kits simplify the regulator, fitting and hose installation process to minimise the field start-up time of laser equipment and increase the efficiency of laser start up and validation.

Working in tandem with CONCOA’s 67B Series High Flow, High Pressure Regulator, molten metal is ejected from the kurf zone with immediate response and minimal pressure drop.

The kit also includes the 601 Series Dual-Stage Regulator that delivers extremely low permeation rates and an integral purge valve with minimal threaded connections.

A company statement highlighted, “These dynamics prove vital in carbon dioxide-based resonator applications, as permeation directly contributes to contamination, leading to higher maintenance costs and decreased productivity resulting from poor beam quality.”

Laser installation kits concoa

Source: CONCOA

Laser installation kits by CONCOA.