A new series of products designed to enable safe handling of flammable gases in laboratories and analytical applications has been introduced by CONCOA.

Providing a complete solution for designing an integrated, reliable, and compliant gas delivery system for non-corrosive, high-purity, flammable gases, the series consists of high-purity zone-valve boxes, emergency shut-off valves, and safety monitors that work in combination with C Series Gas Cabinets and the 585 Series Emergency Shut Off Controller.

5ZV Series High-Purity Zone Valve Box

The 5ZV Series High-Purity Zone Valve Box provides branch control for large distribution systems in laboratories requiring high-purity gases. Each high-flow, stainless steel valve incorporates a metal-to-metal diaphragm seal to provide maximal leak integrity while optional features include trim for in-wall installation, exhaust, and louvers for use with flammable gases and pressure-switch gauges for alarm integration.

586 Series Emergency Shut-Off Valve

The 586 Series Emergency Shut Off Valve kits are ideal for use as safety devices in gas systems requiring fail-safe shutdown of gas supply and flow. The pneumatically actuated, packless diaphragm valves, incorporating long-life Elgiloy® diaphragms, metal-to-metal seals, and nickel-plated aluminum actuators for accuracy and repeatability, work in combination with CONCOA’s line of safety monitors to initiate manual or automatic system shutdown.

Emergency Stop Buttons can be installed at the gas source or point of use to allow an operator to immediately stop the flow of gas, while 580 Series Flow Switches automatically interrupt the supply of gas if a break in the line occurs.

Coupled with 580 Series Gas Detectors at the point of use to automatically initiate shutdown in the event of hazardous gas concentration levels, the CONCOA line of safety devices is an excellent fit for applications requiring safe handling of flammable gases.