A new series of modular panels, designed for use with ultra high-purity instrumentation or process gas control systems, has been introduced by CONCOA, well suited for a number of gas applications.

The versatile Series 53 and Series 54 panel systems, well suited for pressure and flow control at point of use in specialty gas applications, are designed to provide final pressure control in gas distribution systems. Applications include laboratory, bulk gas distribution, gas/liquid chromatography, EPA protocol standards, high-purity carrier gas, calibration gases, and high-purity chamber pressurization.

The panel systems can be configured with one through four regulators mounted on modular 308 stainless steel panels. The 54 Series features CONCOA’s 445 stainless steel or 435 brass barstock regulators, while the 53 Series features CONCOA’s 327 stainless steel or 307 chrome-plated brass barstock regulators. Each regulator comes with a diffusion-resistant diaphragm shutoff valve on the outlet of the regulator that ensures positive gas supply shutoff and maintains the purity of instrumentation or process gases.

Attractive, convenient additions to any integrated gas distribution system, the panels can be surface or rack-mounted using four mounting holes and provide compact footprints that optimize valuable space.