Concoa recently underwent a comprehensive assessment of its quality management system resulting in the renewal of its ISO 9001 certification.

The specialized ISO 9001:2000 classification formally identifies and acknowledges systems and infrastructure in place for conducting business effectively and efficiently.

Concoa first gained ISO 9001 certification in 1995 and has since received certification renewals following subsequent audits every three years.

Assuring continuing standards compliance, the renewed certification applies to CONCOA’s design, manufacture, and assembly of gas control equipment and apparatus for the high-purity gas, medical, industrial, and welding markets.

Testing procedure
The inclusive ANAB-accredited (ANSI-ASW National Accreditation Board) audit by Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. focused on key processes, including product design and realization, manufacturing, monitoring, measurement analysis and improvement, as well as management responsibility.

The audit found that customer service, the benchmark attribute evaluated, is strong throughout the entire CONCOA organization.

Top priority for customer care
“Making sure customer needs are taken care of is always top priority,” says CONCOA quality manager John Boone, a quality industry veteran who worked with Intertek lead auditor Ronald Smoker during the evaluation of company systems and infrastructure.

“During the process, you never know what the auditor will look for. Ron reviewed a number of customer service issues and was particularly impressed by customer responses on surveys. No non-compliances were found, which is highly unusual because there are so many elements involved in the process.”