Gas equipment producer CONCOA has unveiled its latest product designed to provide steady and reliable control in laser assist gas delivery applications supplied by both liquid and high pressure sources.

The high-pressure, ultra-high flow CONCOA 67B Series regulator provides primary control in systems requiring delivery pressures of up to 750 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) and a flow rate up to 24,000 standard cubic feet per hour.

67 b concoa pressure regulator


The regulator (left) features ISOFLOW technology which minimises static increment, shortens response times and increases the usable range of delivery pressure control.

According to CONCOA, the 67B allows flexible, application-specific solutions for high flow applications, with a 40-micron stainless steel internal filter limiting gas contamination and front and rear panel mounting options for flexible, streamlined installation.

The device has been optimised for use in bulk and microbulk supply systems, fibre laser assist gas supply, and assist gas delivery systems from high pressure sources.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Virginia, US, CONCOA manufactures a complete line of gas pressure equipment, flow control apparatus and delivery systems for worldwide medical, industrial and specialty gas applications.