CONCOA, a precision gas control specialist, has unveiled a new switchover series designed to provide continuous high-pressure and high-flow delivery of non-oxidising gases from cylinders.

The 547 Series High Pressure Automatic Switchover provides uninterrupted supply of gas in applications that require delivery pressures of up to 3500 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) and flow rates of up to 25,000 standard cubic feet per hour.

Concoa 547 series high pressure automatic switchover series cropped

Its unique Switch Shift feature allows the operator to change cylinder switching ranges in the field, from high-pressure down to 150 psig, which eliminates the traditional method of installing two independent gas delivery systems. A statement from the US-based company signified, “This revolutionary feature enables the operator to fully deplete gas cylinders while accommodating applications where continuous delivery of gas with varying high and low outlet pressures is required.”

CONCOA has integrated standard check valves inlets on the hose glands, PCTFE and PEEK seat material selections and an optional Advantium Series system monitor for remote monitoring purposes.

The CONCOA 547 Series High Pressure Switchover is ideal for gas delivery challenges in applications such as high-pressure H2 and air applications, aerospace, component testing and pilot plant research.