CONCOA Precision Gas Controls, manufacturer of gas pressure and flow control equipment and delivery systems for medical, industrial and speciality gas applications, has opened a manufacturing plant in Europe in response to increasing demand for its products in the region.

The new Concoa Europe facility is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and serves customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, concurring with the company's 20th anniversary of business and five years after the opening of Concoa Pacifica in Malaysia.

Sande Dukas, founder and president, announced the opening from company headquarters in Virginia as he said, $quot;The growth of the market in both the America's and Europe over the past several years has required Concoa to significantly expand manufacturing capacities.$quot;

Meanwhile, the company has also updated and improved its web site to offer improved navigation, accessibility and a comprehensive presentation of features. With a new dynamic design and an enhanced resource of information, the site affords its users and customers more essential gas pressure and flow control information and technical data.

An independent ISO 9001 registered company, Concoa was established in Virginia in 1987 and manufactures a range of gas pressure and flow control equipment for a variety of applications, as well as distribution equipment for laser materials processing.