After the insights and revelations of a successful first day, morning two of the gasworld South & Central America Conference 2009 has just sprung into life.

Following yesterday’s exploration of the Latin American continent and The Market Opportunities, day two is underway and delving into the topic of Technology and Operational Efficiency Trends.

Popular conference speaker Dr Roy Irani is currently on stage providing an explanation of CNG cylinder technology and developments, noting how such a subject will become increasingly important as the fuels & energy landscape continues to evolve.

Typically engaging the audience, Irani said, “I think there’s a lot of prospects for the future for alternative fuels. For the past six months I’ve been writing for gasworld about alternative fuels, CNG, hydrogen and others and one of the challenges in recent years has been the storage of these gases.”

“There are three challenges. Challenge one is to ensure the cylinder is safe. Safety has got to be the number one priority. The second challenge is maximum efficiency, the cylinder has to be both light and portable, with maximum efficiency of storage required.”

“And the third challenge,” he added, “you’ve to make it affordable. So we have three really, very contrasting challenges.”

Dr Irani went on to explain the ways in which the gases community can achieve these three challenges in the future and added, “So to bring things to a conclusion, what does the future hold for us all? We have to keep improving the performance testing regime, we need expert work and analysis to be carried out.”

Taking to the podium next will be Weldcoa’s Hector Villarreal, presenting Cylinder Filling Optimization and wowing the audience with his usually rousing and excitable performance.

An exploration of Special Gas Filling Operations will follow, from Specialty Gas Report magazine publisher and founder Henry ‘Hank’ Grieco.

Delegates will then break for coffee and refreshments, before returning to the conference for a selection of presentations from luminaries such as Cryostar’s Sebastien Prat, VRV’s Jan Van Houwoven, and Arturo Martinez of Cryogenic Industries.

Keep in touch with all the developments as they unfold, courtesy of the online blog available on the gasworld website.