Many industrial gas companies from India gathered at AIIGMA’s 38th annual meeting, with Right Honourable Ravi Karunanayake, Finance Minister of Sri Lanka officially opening the conference.

The 38th Annual Meeting takes place from 20th-22nd March and is being held in Columbo, Sri Lanka for the first time in its history. Over 200 delegates from across India are expected to be in attendance.

Anish Patel, Vice-President of AIIGMA, welcomed all the delegates and guests, along with R Ravindra, Finance Minister and the acting High Commissioner, from the Indian Embassy.

He invited the current President of AIIGMA, R S Sachdeva, to address the delegates, where Sachdeva underlined that the Indian economy had been under performing in recent years, but expressed that there is optimism within the business community to drive India forward in the future.

Sachdeva detailed that the organisation is looking at opportunities throughout the Middle East and Asia, and that AIIGMA has held several meetings across these regions to look into said prospects further. He also welcomed the opportunity of holding the event in a quickly growing market such as Sri Lanka, seeing as India is the largest trading party of the Asian country.

Karunanayake then welcomed the Indian Gases Association and went on to speak about Sri Lanka’s history and potential that the country’s industry holds.

He detailed the current political stability of Sri Lanka after 30 years of unrest, but instilled that it is now set to thrive with the Indian business community being part of that growth and encouraged investment. He also referred to the low tax status that Sri Lanka offers to corporations for encouraged investment.

In a key statement, he said he wanted Sri Lanka and India to work together and not compete against each other in the global economy. He referred to a win-win situation for both countries in which Sri Lanka could parallel Hong Kong’s position within the industry in future years.

Taking place from 20th-22nd March, a range of speakers from across the industry are set to speak throughout the conference.


AIIGMA is the sole representative body of the entire industrial gases industry in India. Members include manufacturers of gases, as well as various equipment manufacturers and foreign companies relating to the industrial gas industry in India.