Tier One giant, The Linde Group, is set to showcase its extensive range of hydrogen (H2) mobility options at this year’s Hannover Messe trade show in Germany.

Aimed at increasing customer awareness, the industrial gas corporation will highlight two main features of its H2 product range at the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology: the iconic compressor IC90 and the cryopump, along with exhibiting some of its H2-fuelled vehicles and products.

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Source: The Linde Group

Linde will launch the newest version of its cryopump (left) at the show, which enables H2 for fuelling to be compressed up to 900 bar. The device works with cryogenic liquid H2 cooled to -253°C, allowing for large gas deliveries and low energy consumption.

Also being featured at the event is Linde’s iconic compressor, which utilises liquid salts to eliminate the risk of H2 being contaminated by lubricant, reducing energy consumption. The company has installed these instruments in over 100 public H2 fuelling stations worldwide, after the first one was deployed ten years ago back in 2006.

The Germany-based business will also display a fuel cell vehicle from its freshly-launched BeeZero car-sharing service and the Linde H2 bike.

Under Linde’s new affiliate, Linde Hydrogen Concepts, the H2-fuelled car will be available under the BeeZero car-sharing scheme this summer, but there are currently no plans in place for the H2-powered bike to go into series production.

Linde has also developed a mobile refuelling unit, called the ‘traiLH2TM gas,’ as a method of supplying H2 where there is no fixed infrastructure. Additionally, the corporation has plans to build a stationary fuelling station in Hannover, which is planned to go into service later this year, which will be equipped with its latest cryopump technology. Fuel cell customers at the next Hannover Messe in 2017 will have more options to refuel than ever before.

Thanks to this facility and other sources of certified green H2, Linde is already able to supply enough sustainable H2 to cover demand from the entire mobility sector

Markus Bachmeier, Head of Hydrogen Solutions at Linde, explained, “Customers who drive fuel cell cars don’t want to know how H2 is handled behind the scenes. This ‘hidden’ technology is exactly where Linde’s expertise comes into play. We need smart, cost-efficient fuelling technologies in order to successfully build out a network of filling stations.”

Linde also produces all the H2 to power these products. Its EnergiePark Mainz production facility, which has been on stream for nine months, has generated approximately 18,000kg of H2 via the electrolysis method – which is enough to travel 1.8 million kms via fuel cell technology. The German company is responsible for purifying, compressing, storing, filling and distributing the H2 produced from this plant.

A press release stated that, “Thanks to this facility and other sources of certified green H2, Linde is already able to supply enough sustainable H2 to cover demand from the entire mobility sector.” 

Customers who visit the industrial gas corporation at Hannover Messe 2016, running from 25th-29th this month, will also be able to recharge their mobile phones using the ‘HYMERATM’ fuel cell generator – a compact device that doesn’t require any connection to on-grid power supplies.