A new law that requires an industry-led stewardship recycling programme to be carried out for certain residential gas cylinders could be effective in Connecticut by 2025.

The first-of-its-kind programme in the US, will see Ohio-based Worthington Industries and other residential gas cylinder producers coordinate arrangements with qualified companies to pick up, transport and recycle cylinders that are sold at retail locations in the state.

Further to the above, the programme also includes consumer education about the proper end-of-life management of residential gas cylinders and locations of collection sites.

gasworld believes the law applies to cylinders commonly used for camping, grilling, DIY projects and celebrations requiring portable propane and butane, hand-held torches and portable helium.

Public Act No. 22 requires plans to be submitted by 1st July 2023 and implemented by 1st Oct 2025.

Craig Miner, Connecticut State Senate Ranking Member of the Environment Committee, said, “As a long-time sportsman and outdoor enthusiast, I know the benefit of gas cylinders, but I also know we need a collection and recycling system to ensure proper disposal.”

“I challenged the industry to come up with a solution, and Worthington Industries stepped up to the task. After months of diligent efforts and conversations with all stakeholders, Worthington presented a plan that will provide consumers with a convenient collection system while minimising the impact on retailers and municipal solid waste facilities.”

Senator Miner and House Environment Committee Chair Representative Joseph Gresko were leading voices in favour of the legislation.

Representative Gresko, added, “Through an open and informed dialogue, we accomplished all our desired objectives regarding the discarding of residential gas cylinders in our communities.”

“This legislation establishes a process for free, convenient and accessible state-wide collection, minimises public sector involvement and enables producers to be innovative in their approach while ensuring safe handling after use and recycling of the products

“While there was an exceptional amount of work to achieve this outcome, we know the real work is ahead for producers in implementing this program and helping our residents easily follow best practices. Based on my experiences with Worthington Industries throughout this process, I know this program will serve Connecticut well and should be a model for other states to follow in pursuit of a sustainable future.”