Deutsch firm, WITT Gastechnik GmbH, has released an innovative series of gas mixtures with integrated moisture measurement. The development ensures high quality gas and in doing so, offers optimal manufacturing.

Andreas Heyer, Senior Product Manager for the firm described the importance of moisture monitoring, “Moisture in gasses can have a negative effect on the manufacturing process, especially when heat-treating metals.$quot;

Heyer continued, $quot;When heat-treating metals, specially composed atmospheres are often used to ensure perfect and consistent processes. If the moisture level in the furnace is too high, it can have a negative effect on the manufacturing process.$quot;

According to the solution provider, moisture is often inherent in the gases themselves. Consequently, WITTs latest offering is well suited as it continuously monitors the moisture content of the gas mixture while it is fed into the process. Furthermore, settings can be put in place to ensure that once a configurable limit of moisture is exceeded, an alarm is triggered.

The solution utilises a ceramic metal oxide sensor that detects the moisture of the gas from the dew point. WITT asserts the benefits of this over conventional sensor systems. According to the firm, it offers very precise measurements, significantly lower sensitivity to the ambient temperature, very low measurement errors (as little as +/- 2°C) and a measurement scope from -110°C to +20°C. Furthermore, the closed control loop of the device ensures that the required gas mixture always has a very precise composition.

The latest release finds multiple applications, in medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology. WITT provides the device either as a separate component, or as an integrated solution.