Linde’s oxy-fuel technology will be used in Constellium’s recycling and melting furnaces, with a goal of slashing energy consumption in half and increasing melting rates by 20%.

The companies have signed a joint development agreement for the project and this deal follows a long-term partnership with Linde in the area of energy-efficient re-melting technologies.

The joint development agreement will build on the recent successful implementation of Linde’s technology in Constellium’s finishing and recycling aluminium facility of Neuf-Brisach, France, where two of the four rotary tilting furnaces have been converted to low-temperature oxy-fuel combustion technology.

Following this implementation, Constellium was able to achieve greater productivity and to accelerate progress on its sustainability roadmap. The conversion of the remaining furnaces at the France plant is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016.

“With the adoption of the oxy-fuel technology, Constellium is strengthening its commitment to sustainability by promoting energy consumption savings that are compatible with overall performance improvement,” said Catherine Athenes, Sustainability Council Leader at Constellium.

“This cooperation will also allow us to continue developing, producing and selling sustainable products that meet our customers’ needs for innovative and recyclable solutions.”

“Constellium’s partnership with Linde has brought together the technical strengths of both companies to enable the application of this great technology. We are expecting significant savings and efficiency improvements in the next few months,” said Simon Laddychuk, Chief Technical Officer at Constellium.

Linde has developed small burners to fit the lab-scale furnaces located in Constellium Technology Center, C-TEC. This effort has resulted in significant metal yield and further productivity increases at lab scale. The improved process is now under evaluation for implementation at industrial scale.

“This project is very significant for Linde in terms of our commitment to technological progress as a sustainable solutions provider,” added Thomas Niehoff, Head of Non Ferrous and Mining at Linde. “We welcome this agreement with Constellium as it will advance the development of the oxy-fuel process, save energy and increase efficiency for fully ramped-up plants.”

The implementation of the oxy-fuel technology in Neuf-Brisach is supported by the expertise of Constellium Technology Center, C-TEC. The R&T team is helping to define the required controls and operating conditions to reap the full benefits of the technology.