LNG Canada is managing a careful and gradual return to construction activities at its project site in Kitimat, following a considerable holiday workforce reduction in December due to Covid-19.

The announcement follows the Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry introducing the Industrial Projects Restart Order, which applies to five major industrial projects in British Columbia, including the LNG Canada Project.

Unveiled on 29th December (2020), the order prescribes a staged return to work and an incremental increase to the workforce, noting that “the current seasonal slow-down in large-scale industrial operations provides an opportunity to help break the cycle of transmission of Covid-19 associated with them.”

In addition to following the order, LNG Canada has also increased its tool kit to reduce the spread of the virus. According to a statement, in 2021, the project will continue to implement enhanced Covid-19 protocols, starting with a mandatory Covid-19 rapid screening program.

LNG Canada said it additionally has on-site medical facilities staffed by more than a dozen healthcare professionals and emergency response team members, who are available to project workers 24/7.

“The LNG Canada Project continues to mandate the policy to forbid all non-local project workers from leaving the project site, and other work areas, or visit any public establishments when they are on rotation,” the company said in a statement.

“The only exception to that rule is in the case of a medical emergency or when attending a critical appointment that cannot be postponed or held virtually. Social gatherings among Project workers are also prohibited.”