SIAD today began construction of its new €15m ($16.5m) Research Centre for New Gas Applications in Bergamo, Italy.

The company said the first stone was laid today for the innovative research laboratory for gases in the food, environmental and medical fields, based at the SIAD plant in Osio Sopra.

The new laboratory will be dedicated to research and experimentation for the production of innovative mixtures and special applications. Completed within the next year, it will occupy an area of 2600m2 and will allow the automated and robotic production of innovative gas mixtures, not only for the domestic market but also for international customers.

“The strategic vision of the SIAD Group has always focused on the future in growing its business,” SIAD explained in a press release.

“For SIAD, innovation and research are central activities in this strategy: over 3% of the company’s turnover is invested in research and development activities, which are conducted by a team of 50 experts dedicated exclusively to this mission.”

“Recently one of the main focal points has been on robotisation and automation, technologies that allow SIAD to produce up to 50,000 different mixtures every year, an increase of 30% compared with the company’s previous activity.”


Source: SIAD

The project is the result of the Agreement for Innovation between the Ministry of Economic Development, the Lombardy Region and SIAD, aimed at supporting the investment programme through the ‘Gaseous products for therapeutic, diagnostic, food and metrology innovative applications and related automated production, use and administration systems’ project.

In terms of production capability, the Research Centre for New Gas Applications will be equipped with a fully robotic line for the preparation of gas mixtures specifically designed for use in the medicinal field, including equipment for cylinder sterilisation and washing processes.

The conception and construction of the automated-robotic line is an important pilot project for SIAD’s future cylinder production.

The new building will contain laboratories and equipment for the production of:

  • Metrological mixtures, which provide the reference for all analytical measurement in the gas phase and of which SIAD is market leader
  • Therapeutic gas mixtures used in the medicinal and pharmaceutical fields
  • Dedicated calibration mixtures having very low concentration compounds for environmental analyses
  • Gas mixtures to be used in the field of food traceability and for research in different sectors
  • Mixtures to improve the preservation of foods for the food industry

The technology to identify chemical and biological substances at very low concentrations present in gases will also be further developed. For this last purpose, the Laboratory of Environmental Biology and Chemistry will also be located in the new building.