On the 27th of January, the Board of Directors for FC Power approved a €7 million investment in the first hydrogen powered power plant in Finland.

FC power Oy is jointly owned by Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy and Finnish Chemicals. Pure hydrogen will be used to power the electricity and heat plant. Construction on the first hydrogen powered plant in Finland and the Nordic countries are scheduled to start in May 2005.

Photo courtesy of Finnish Chemicals///Aesta Site – Steam only hydrogen powered plant

It is hoped that the plant will be ready to start operations in June 2006. The power plant will run on excess hydrogen that is generated in the production of sodium chlorate and the Finnish Chemicals Joutesno plant. The plant will generate steam for 50 GWh and electricity for 30 GWh for Finnish Chemicals.

One of the objectives of the project is to use mainly Finnish suppliers to construct the power plant. Noviter Oy in Turku, Finland, will supply the steam boiler and the automation and electrification is to be supplied by Vaasa Engineering Oy in Vaasa, Finland. All purchases of equipment will follow the BAT (Best Available Technology) guidelines to ensure that the plant will be as energy saving and environmentally friendly as possible.

The investment will be financed by Sampo Pankki Oyj. The Ministry of Trade and Industry has subsidised the investment by €1.3 million.