Sumitomo Seika Chemicals is due to construct a high purity ammonia plant in the Jiangsu Province of China.
The company recently announced plans to build a facility at the Yangzhou Science Industrial Park which will produce 3,000 tons annually. The plant is expected to be fully operational in under a year, January 2012. In addition, the company also hopes to establish a local NH₃ production and sales company, which has a provisional title, Sumisei Technology Yangzhou.
The two new projects come during a context of soaring demand in China for high purity ammonia, for use in both the LED and LCD sectors. Overall investment in the new company and plant amounts to ¥1.5bn. According to a spokesperson from the General Affairs Department, the company anticipates recovering the financial investment within 10 years of start-up.
Thanks to the new addition, Sumitomo Seika Chemicals’ annual high purity ammonia production is to expand to 7,500 tons.
Sumitomo Seika Chemicals hopes to expand the business through product consistency.