Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. (CCPI), a subsidiary of Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc., plans to build a liquid carbon dioxide (CO2)/dry ice manufacturing facility just outside Denison, Iowa.  

The plant will rely on a supply agreement with The Andersons Denison Ethanol, LLC, for the supply of CO2, the input product required to create dry ice.

The plant would be Continental Carbonic’s first location in the state of Iowa and their 50th location in North America. The company is also the nation’s largest distributor of dry ice blast cleaning equipment. Dry ice has a number of uses in industries including food distribution, medical and scientific research, and R&D.

Continental Carbonic has enjoyed significant growth in its core business of producing and delivering high quality dry ice to its customers. CCPI’s Denison facility will allow for continued growth and employ more than 40 full-time workers when running at full production.

John Funk, President of Continental Carbonic Products, stated,“The Andersons, Inc. is exactly the type of high quality, high integrity strategic partner Continental Carbonic looks for when we expand our business. We have enjoyed a strong relationship with The Andersons starting with our long-term agreement to purchase CO2 from its ethanol plant in Albion, Michigan and continuing with our agreement to buy CO2 from its Greenville, Ohio plant. Ethanol plants operated by The Andersons have had an outstanding record of operating safely and reliably.”

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