QuestAir Technologies has revealed that it has received an order valued at approximately $1m to supply an H-3200 hydrogen purifier for use in a new hydrogen plant at an oil refinery in Montana.

A signal of the continuing demand for hydrogen in the oil refining industry, the order was placed by Hydro-Chem – a leading global supplier of industrial hydrogen plants and a division of Linde BOC Process Plants LLC.

The H-3200 pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system will be included in a new hydrogen plant that Hydro-Chem is supplying to Montana Refining Company, where hydrogen from the plant will be used to increase oil refining capacity at the refinery site.

Jonathan Wilkinson, president and CEO of QuestAir, commented, “Demand for hydrogen in the oil refining industry continues to be strong, driven by capacity expansions such as this project at Montana Refining, as well as regulations mandating low-sulphur transportation fuels.”

Speaking of the success of the H-3200 product, Wilkinson continued, “This will be QuestAir’s largest capacity single skid hydrogen PSA. We have had great commercial success with the H-3200 product platform since its launch in 2003, and we now have an installed base of more than 40 smaller-capacity H-3200 PSA’s around the world.”

“We have now expanded the capacity of the H-3200 design, offering the benefits of the H-3200’s advanced 9 bed PSA cycle and compact skid-mounted design to manufacturers of hydrogen plants with capacities up to 15,000 cubic meters per hour,” Wilkinson added.

Hydro-Chem specialises in the design, engineering and construction of modular hydrogen plants, supplying over 140 hydrogen plants to key clients in the food, steel, glass and petrochemical industries since 1975.
Raju Natarajan, Hydro-Chem’s president, enthused, “QuestAir continues to lead the hydrogen PSA market in product innovation. With the capacity expansion of the H-3200 PSA, QuestAir’s now offers a reduction in life-cycle costs and increased reliability to Hydro-Chem’s medium-capacity hydrogen plants.”

The H-3200 machine purifies hydrogen-containing gas streams to high purity hydrogen for use in industrial processes, on-site hydrogen plants and hydrogen fueling stations.