Excelerate Energy L.L.C. has executed agreements to provide another two years of LNG regasification services to South America's first-ever LNG importation facility, at the port city of Bahía Blanca, around 643km south of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Constructed in June 2008, the Bahía Blanca GasPort LNG facility is South America's first-ever LNG receiving facility and the world's second dockside regasification facility. Excelerate's Energy Bridge Regasification Vessel (EBRV), named Excelsior, will arrive in May to bring natural gas supplies to the country throughout the winter season.

As well as ensuring that LNG will reach the country through the winter season, the cargo will be delivered through the Bahía Blanca GasPort directly into Argentina's gas distribution system and represents an innovative development in LNG delivery.

The Bahia Blanca GasPort took less than six months to construct and commence operations, with Excelerate Energy currently the only LNG company in the world using GasPort technology. This innovation will see the Excelsior dock alongside a dedicated jetty, where it connects to the onshore natural gas pipeline via the company's specially designed dockside high-pressure gas off-loading arm, and feeds natural gas directly into the country's gas distribution system.

LNG cargoes will be supplied to the docked vessel via traditional LNG carriers, utilising Excelerate's ship-to-ship LNG transfer protocol.

Rob Bryngelson, President and CEO of Excelerate Energy, said of the project, $quot;We are pleased to continue our partnership with YPF S.A. for another two years on this historic project, and look forward to meeting the needs of Argentina's natural gas market with our innovative offshore regasification technology.$quot;

$quot;This experience underscores the commercial viability and advantages of our proprietary onboard regasification and GasPort technologies, as we look to further opportunities to replicate this success worldwide.$quot;

The company's first GasPort, at Teesside in the UK, was commissioned in February 2007. Designed to accommodate the company's specialised regasification vessel fleet, GasPort facilities allow for much lower capital costs and a faster development and construction timeline - thought to be much shorter than that of an onshore LNG facility.

Excelerate Energy's purpose built EBRV's have three distinct ways of discharging LNG cargo, notably as liquid at a traditional LNG terminal, as gas via Excelerate's Energy Bridge subsea buoy based system for offshore applications, and via the onboard high pressure gas manifold that connects to a GasPort's dockside off-loading arm.