Servomex, a supplier of gas analysis solutions to a number of industries and customers, has acquired the business of Quebec-based Controle Analytique in Canada.

Controle Analytique has been at the forefront of the manufacture and supply of specialist continuous gas analysis equipment and gas chromatographs, for trace measurements in high purity gases, for over a decade since 1995.

Similarly, Servomex supplies gas analysis solutions to a wide variety of industries including the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries and the gas and power generation industries. The acquisition of Controle Analytique will serve to expand the company’s product and services offering, as explained by Chris Cottrell, managing director of Servomex, “This is an exciting opportunity for Servomex to expand its position in the industrial gas market. By adding the Controle Analytique range of gas analysers and gas chromatographs to our product suite, we will increase the range of solutions we are able to offer our customers.”

Based in East Sussex, UK, the Servomex Group has global operations with offices in the US, Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, France and India among many other locations.