Cook Compression, an engineered compressor solutions expert, has released a new breed of plate valve for high speed reciprocating compressors with longer lifespans compared to traditional devices.

The Ring Damped Valve incorporates a patented damping ring to slow the speed of the sealing element before it comes into contact with the guard during valve opening, with the reduction in velocity minimising any impact forces applied on the sealing element. This extends the life of the valve assembly.

In addition, the Ring Damped Valve can reduce energy costs by up to 10% compared to conventional valves, according to the company, as it features higher lifts that produce an effective flow rate that is 10% larger on average than plate valves of similar size.

This increased flow results in a 10% reduction in energy usage by the compressor with a press release stating that, “For most applications, energy saving alone will assure a 100% return on investment within one year of operation.”

The video (below) examines the Ring Damped Valve technology piece by piece and includes a finite element analysis of impact forces on the valve plate compared to traditional plate damped valves.

Source: Cook Compression

The instrument has been designed for high-speed, short-stroke compressors with primary applications in petrochemical, chemical and refining processes as well as the transport, production and storage of natural gas.