Refrigeration and cooling will be the hot topics in Eastern Europe in late February, as the CholodExpo Rossija international exhibition takes place in Moscow and focuses on new refrigeration technology applications and relevant components and systems.

NürnbergMesse organizes the CholodExpo Rossija annually in the modern Crocus Expo Center in Moscow, with this year’s 3 day conference concentrating on industrial and commercial refrigeration systems and a provisional programme including the selection of environment-friendly refrigerants and the design of guidelines for cooling machines or the requirements for ice rinks in sports stadiums.

New building and redevelopment activities and the growing spending power of the population ensure a big demand for refrigeration units, insulation and heat pumps. The refrigeration industry in Russia has developed very dynamically for almost 6 years now, which could in turn provide a developing demand for associated refrigerant gases and products.

Starting in 2008, CholodExpo Rossija offers the right platform for interested companies to venture into the Russian market or develop business relationships on the ground. The international exhibition is intended for manufacturers and producers in the field of refrigeration components and systems, cooling and freezing equipment, insulation, heat pumps, control & instrumentation, energy-efficient solutions, and installation material and accessories for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Experts will discuss issues within a defined framework, the challenges of refrigeration technology. The agenda includes refrigeration equipment, refrigeration units and machines, coolers for milk and other drinks, the choice of refrigerants in terms of environmental protection, the development of guidelines for refrigeration machines and the problems of extended storage space at low temperatures, including the storage of blood. The exhibition will take place from 19th – 21st February 2008.