World industrial and medical gases giant Air Liquide has announced investment in additional dry ice production capacity for the eastern region of the US, including the recently commissioned new plant in Delaware City, Delaware.

The combined expansions, which include development at its Gibbstown, New Jersey plant, will nearly double Air Liquide's dry ice production capacity in the region and cater for the growing demand in the industrial marketplace.

Etienne Lepoutre, president of Air Liquide Industrial US LP, commented, $quot;Air Liquide is committed to pursuing the dry ice business throughout the US and to serving our customers by bringing additional supply and reliability to this regional market.$quot;

The development plans will complement recent investments by Air Liquide throughout the industrial merchant market in the US and are an integral component of Air Liquide's strategic growth plan.

Dry ice is actually frozen CO2 which can be captured and purified from various industrial sources, acting as an effective refrigerant due to its extremely cold temperature. Its chilling and freezing capabilities make dry ice beneficial to many applications including those in the food processing, food distribution, medical, research, pharmaceutical and commercial shipping industries.