Acquired by Wesfarmers Energy in February 2007, Coregas was previously part of global group, Linde AG. Founded in Australia in 1976, Coregas is now the only Australian owned industrial gas company which services all industries and has a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning over 30 years in the industry.

Throughout this time the company has developed an in-house knowledge base and has become a market leader in lasers and speciality gases markets. In addition, Coregas has also developed extensive experience in the supply of gases utilised by the manufacturing, healthcare, scientific, and service industries.

Coregas is also at the forefront of cutting edge technology with one of the most advanced speciality gas laboratories in Asia Pacific as well as owning and operating one of the largest air separation units (ASU) in Australia.

Priding itself on delivering high quality products through ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation, Coregas also operates with two National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) certifications to produce reference gases and Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) licences for producing medical gases.

Working partnerships
In addition to delivering quality products, the company believes in working with customers to create sustainable partnerships. Seeking to add value through innovative solutions to ever-changing customer needs, Coregas believes that it is well-positioned for continued success and future growth and is committed to improving and building upon its strengths, to create an organisation where:

•The safety of customers and employees is always paramount.
•Innovation in gas supply is a core competency.
•The needs of customers remain a core focus.
•Coregas will continue to offer the latest cylinder technology.

Dieter Krupp, Coregas’s CEO, said, “Our people are our greatest asset. Safety, knowledge, respect, accountability and integrity are valued at all levels of our organisation and all of our employees are encouraged and rewarded for developing improvements in our operational and service performance.”

Mr Krupp went on to say, “We care for the environment and are committed to protecting it. We also ensure our activities comply with and where possible, exceed environmental legislation and regulations.”

Mr Krupp also reiterated the importance of customer satisfaction to Coregas, “Customer satisfaction is of great significance to Coregas, as the company strives to deliver the highest quality products, the latest technologies and innovations.”

Coregas has an extensive distribution network in addition to more than 100 sales and distribution partners, making it easy for customers to obtain products locally. Its customers benefit from a complete range of products and services, whether it is the Shieldpro range for real welding professionals, Lascut products for the laser industry, the Coremed division for the full range of medical gas requirements or the Corelab range for speciality gases requirements.

Long-term prospects for the ever-growing company are very favourable in emerging and innovative industrial gas applications and markets such as healthcare, environmental monitoring, food industries, manufacturing and mining.

Product range
Serving a variety of industries and affording the best possible service, the company offers an extensive product range. These include:

Medical Gases – Medical Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Carbonox, Medical Mixtures

Core Industrial Gases – Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Helium, Propane, Welding Mixtures, Laser Gases, Carbon Dioxide

Speciality Gases – Pure gases, Gas mixtures, Calibration gases, Rare Gases (Krypton, Neon, Xenon)

Bulk Gases – Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Hydrogen

Services – Processes, systems and equipment for gas applications, On-site generation gas management.