In just 72 hours, Air Products has delivered and installed an 11,000-gallon medical oxygen tank, a 1,500-gallon reserve tank, vaporisers, and additional infrastructure at the Miami Beach Convention Centre’s temporary hospital in Florida.

The Air Products equipment delivered to the hospital was transported from various locations across the country, including the main tank which travelled 1,800 miles in just over a day.


Source: Air Products

In a recent social post, Air Products said, “Over the course of only a few days the project was agreed upon, the materials were shipping, and the tanks and equipment set into place.” 

“The first fill of the critical medical oxygen tanks took place on 15th April.”

When completed later this month, the temporary hospital will provide 450 beds, 50 of which intensive care units, and will accept coronavirus patients in an effort to fight the pandemic.


Source: Air Products

Col. Andrew Kelly, commander of USACE’s Jacksonville District that received the mission assignment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to take on the hospital project, said the district will work tirelessly with its contractor to meet that deadline.

“Our goal is to have this area ready by the 20th [April],” said Kelly.

“We expect to have crews on site working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get us there.”

According to the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, right now the state has approximately 43% availability in hospital bed, and trend show the possibility that the social distraining efforts the state has enacted are working.