CryopAL, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, has tripled its production capacity of the Freelox line of liquid oxygen vessels in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The company’s vessels are primarily used in home healthcare or long-term care facility setting to supply oxygen to patients suffering from respiratory insufficiency.

The vessels can hold 32 or 44 litres of liquid oxygen and enable patients to self-monitor their own treatment for approximately one week.

“As we face the exceptional challenge of fighting COVID-19, the teams at CryopAL are proud to leverage their expertise in the design and manufacturing of equipment to support a growing number of patients who need oxygen therapy at home,” said Emilie Mouren-Renouard, Member of the Air Liquide Executive Committee.

“This contribution, illustrating our teams’ solidarity, comes in addition to other initiatives undertaken by the group to fight against COVID-19.”

CryoAL is currently manufacturing 300 oxygen vessels at its plant in Bussy-Saint-Georges, near Paris and stands ready to increase that production if necessary.