To support its customers during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Gulf Cryo has put in place emergency response teams at all locations across the Middle East region.

The company will provide assistance with dedicated telephone hotline numbers and email contacts for information or urgent delivery requests.


Source: Gulf Cryo

As the largest and longest established industrial and medical gas manufacturer in the region, Gulf Cryo has been at the forefront of efforts to fight the impact of the virus.

The company said it has acted responsibly by managing the safety of its employees whilst ensuring the supply of all required medical gases (oxygen is a crucial supportive therapy for Covid-19 patients with acute respiratory infections) and providing industrial gases for vital sectors such as utilities, civil defence and process industries including the food and beverage sector, oil & gas, and many other key manufacturing sectors to ensure uninterrupted operations in a reliable and efficient manner.

“With the escalation of the Covid-19 crisis, some countries have started to close their international borders, restricting travel to specific destinations and have even locked down cities,” Gulf Cryo said in a statement on its website.

“In this alarming situation, our significant production facilities combined with the largest fleet of distribution vehicles across the region enable us to reliably and safely provide all your requirements in industrial and medical gases, including oxygen, nitrous oxide and medical air.”