Honeywell has begun production of N95 face masks in Smithfield, Rhode Island, for the US Department of Health and Human Services for the Strategic National Stockpile to support health, safety and emergency response workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, Honeywell announced it was adding N95 mask production capabilities to its Phoenix facility which will commence in mid-May. Now with the Rhode Island announcement, the two sites will collectively be able to produce more than 20 million masks a month.

“Honeywell is proud of the role we are playing in providing critical equipment for the fight against the coronavirus, and I am especially pleased with how quickly we have started our new mask production line in Rhode Island,” said Darius Adamczyk, Honeywell Chairman and CEO.

“Building a new production line is a tremendous undertaking that typically takes nine months. Thanks to the dedication of our employees and strong support from our partners, including Emerson and several other great US suppliers, we are able to get the Rhode Island facility up and running in just five weeks.”

Peter Navarro, the White House Defence Production Act Policy Coordinator commented, “With the full power of private enterprise and the ingenuity and grit of companies like Honeywell, President Tump is orchestrating the most rapid industrial mobilisation since World War II to combat an invisible enemy.”

“Honeywell’s new facility in the great state of Rhode Island will be churning our millions of one of the most important weapons in this history fight – the masks our public health professionals urgently need at the front lines 0of this battle.” 

“That the Smithfield facility has arisen in just weeks is nothing short of miraculous and sets a new standard for moving swiftly in Trump Time.”