In recent update, Messer Americas has said it is continuing to take proactive steps to enable a safe and reliable supply of its gases to industries deemed essential during the coronavirus outbreak.

Throughout the pandemic, Messer has been committed to help battle the virus and has supplied its gases throughout the US, whilst protecting its employees.

“Messer teams and more are making an extra effort every day to continue safer operations during the global health emergency,” the company explains in a recent social post. 

“Whether it is a healthcare facility receiving our life-saving medical gases or related services, or a food processor keeping food on the table during the pandemic, our people and technology enables us to deploy invaluable assets to assist with supply continuity.” 

“We are grateful for and appreciate the continued efforts of all Messer employees, including those on the front lines: Messer technicians delivering helium to MRI units in hospitals and medical centres, drivers safely delivering oxygen to hospitals, CES technicians ensuring hospital systems are sized appropriately and operating efficiently, nurses serving patients on medical oxygen, and engineers installing freezing and chilling systems into food production plants.”

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Source: Messer Americas