Messer Group is urging customers to return any empty medical oxygen cylinders and to not stock up on medical oxygen during the coronavirus outbreak.

In a recent social post, the family-run industrial gas specialist said that during the current pandemic there is a desperate global need for oxygen for medical use and returning empty cylinders can help to save lives.

“At the moment we can still handle all orders on time,” the company said.

“So it says that way: In light of the current situation, please do not stock up on medical oxygen.”

Late last month in a statement, Messer said that the procurement of new cylinders and cylinders in the service department is being rescheduled with the aim of having sufficient cylinders and equipment available for the medical sector.

The company has previously stressed it currently has no shortage of gaseous oxygen and it has taken immediate measures to make several thousand cylinders available for extraordinary use, including: 

  • Medical equipment a priority for its suppliers such as testing facilities and cylinder manufacturers
  • Dismantle gas cylinder bundles into individual cylinders
  • Extend production times

Messer said its capacities can be more than doubled.



Source: Messer Group