The Naval Surface Warfare Centre has developed a new portable medical oxygen manifold in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Designed in a matter of hours at the request of Combat Logistics Regiment 15 Marines, the device features multiple flow rate valves and eight outputs, allowing medical staff to simultaneously provide eight patients from a single oxygen cylinder.

One day after the request, the Marines had the design in hand and parts available for order to readily augment the medical stockpile for the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton stabilisation ward. 


Source: Naval Surface Warfare Centre

“With the pandemic going on, it’s important for the Navy and Marine Corps to stick together as a team to accomplish these kinds of tasks or missions,” said Gunnery Sgt. Reuben Ramirez, a Marine assigned to the 1st Supply Battalion under CLR-15.

“When we presented the Navy with our request, they were very responsive and quick to act,” Ramirez said.

“The Navy and Marine Corps are putting lots of material resources into this response; this is us physically standing up.

“We’re standing tall together, showing the nation we’re here and ready – one team, one fight – and we’re ready to accomplish the mission and ensure the safety of our folks.”

In its current design, 20 of the portable medical oxygen manifolds can be produced for about $375, with little to no lag time in production and assembly.