In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Sierra Instruments is offering scientists, biomedical engineers, and bioreactor manufacturers a line of mass flow controllers to meet demanding bioprocessing applications.

The RedySmart™ is designed and engineered to improve bioreactor performance, employing a stable no-drift MEMS senor to bring vaccines to full-scale production.

Sierra’s flagship SmartTrak® 100 provides scientists the application flexibility and accuracy required for laboratory, biomedical, and respiratory medical equipment testing.

“We are committed to supporting the fight against COVID-19 by providing our bioprocessing customers with critical mass flow control instruments to quickly and successfully produce a vaccine for the virus,” says Scott Harrison, General Manager at Sierra Instruments.

“Customers can lean on us to both specify the ideal MFC for their bioprocessing and respiratory medical equipment testing applications and to ramp up production in anticipation of demand.”

Built with stable MEMs sensor technology, the RedySmart mass flow controller is designed to improve bioreactor performance with its lifetime not drift sensor warranty, modular design, flexible cabling system, and easy integration into a gas mixing block.

Sierra’s SmartTrak 100 employs capillary thermal technology, offering scientists and researchers the accuracy and application flexibility required to meet any biomedical or respiratory medical equipment testing demand with one mass flow controller.